Giving Head: The Flowplayer

<head> to </head>
even though we’re not
think about your <body> in class=
“home page
page-id-73 page-
send me a template-
with your name on it
with your breasts on it
I can’t stop thinking about that picture you sent
this is my fault /default”>
<div id=
Divided </div>
I feel divided when we’re apart
I need another “page-container”> to read
her words
There’s no container large enough
to subsume our habits
The shit we do together could
</stop/> she wouldn’t let me stop
it was the one unspoken line
of code between us
there was no stopping
only touch to touch
screen to screen
<I am less than
less than she
she is everything
script src= the source
“http://www.enter website here
which includes/js/ our comments-reply.min.
our interactions
our replies
so many minutes
on a server
with everything between us
=4.2.5” versions of us

“SKIN” [Container]

“text/ me
send me a </script>
that I can read
a <script type= that binds us
a “text/ that arouses
until I’m texting myself
touching myself
javascript”> scripting
our experiences
one by one
greater than anything ever before

/* <![CDATA[
I see her data
*/ var fv_varify variables
favoring the flow
touching slowly
the flowplayer_ it’s playlists =
equal to nothing
encased in a variety of []; symbols
between you and me
fv_fp_ajaxurl = favor under finger play
asynchronous play
opened [closed]
her turn my turn
JavaScript and XML
\/\/ back and forth
where we play
be my admin\/communicate here
admin-istrate me with peripheral glances
a variety of v_
your v, my v
“skin”: to “skin”
{“embed”: me into your flowplayer

enter here
where we play
in this {“library”:” of \/\/ flowplay
/wp-content\/ we’re pleased, content
to play
wet points
to plugin
\/fv-word. Her words
pressed into me
pressed into the flowplayer\/
2.1.52 times faster