AJ Strout

AJ Strout is an independent video artist, writer, editor, queer, activist, feminist, and entangled machine body. Their creative work is a transformative and sometimes transgressive investigation of the fissures and spaces between established conventions. Much of their literature and video art addresses the absence of queers in the technological social imaginary, critiques the social conditions that lead to self-censorship, and investigates practical approaches that dissolve boundaries between viewer, participant, and artist.


Using traditions in self-reflexivity, AJ produces hybrid narrative abstractions that cross mediums, giving equal weight to form and content. Whether producing prose, poetry, tattoos, hand-made books, zines, videos, films, literature, or aesthetic representations, their work is informed by personal experience and research in gender, culture, and technology alike.


AJ Strout is currently a candidate at California Institute of the Arts for their second Master’s degree in the field of Art and Technology. AJ has a strong professional background in producing educational videos and teaching media, film, and video production. Institutions that AJ has worked with include The Drucker Institute, California Institute of the Arts, The Latino Literacy Project, the global feminist network FemTechNet, and ISCA Technologies. Examples of professional video work can be found at Letter A Films.


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