AJ Strout

AJ Strout is an independent video artist, producer, feminist, VJ, curator, and entangled machine body from Los Angeles, California. He spends his time getting lost in creative visions, falling behind on work, shaping the vessel that houses him, and plotting with creative cohorts.

AJ’s performance and event work is often times an exploration of personal transformation as well as queer space making. In an effort to subvert the marginalizing effects that social scripts in propriety, decorum, and deference have on the queer artist, AJ produces and curates work that celebrates the unusual, the perverse, and the unstable. In his more personal works, AJ uses digital documentation of his queer / alternative / trans / body as a tool with which to question and confront the social imaginary’s tendency to pathologize departures from mainstream culture. AJ does this by treating his body as an erotic site of resistance to social control that houses a tension as it both repulses and allures the viewer. His body is as an alternative, intense, and sharp transmasculine body that is simultaneously alluring and uninviting– an uncanny, living document that confronts mores, defies conformity, and invites attention.

While his image + text work has been published in the Calarts Eye, Mr. Roach Magazine, and Hardy Zine, his installations and performances have shown at the Calarts Digital Expo, Night Gallery in Los Angeles, and Civic Center Studios. His music video collaborations have been reviewed and recognized by several digital magazines and independent film festivals.

Violent Vickie’s Serotonin on EDM Joy

MRK’s Almost There on Animals Magazine

MRK’s Almost There on Fun Size Horror

AJ received his bachelor in Film and Gender studies from Pitzer College in Claremont, Ca. He also attended California Institute of the Arts where he earned two Masters in Fine Arts; One in Creative Writing and Integrated Media and a second in Art and Technology. He currently directs and curates for the Ex Corpse Art Collective, a growing community of LA based independent queer artists. Ex Corpse hosts Experimental Nite, a monthly event that celebrates counter culture by showcasing local artists whose work is situated in the fringes.

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